Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello my name is Dustin, and this is the story of His timelesslove. It all began when I was four years old when I realized that I was a sinner destined to die. (as u may imagine my thoughts were not that intricate being age 4)  I knew that there was a man named Jesus who had given his life and love for me. I knew that I needed for someone to save me. Jesus was the name that I called upon that day at the age of four, on a sunday evening, in my home, next to my parents. Romans 10:9-10  From that day the road has not been smooth and I have taken tremendous detours from the road once traveled. I have been down a road that took me from assurance in Jesus to the place where I doubted my own salvation. It took a couple years of searching God's Word and discovering my identity in Christ before I found who I am today. He has since led me to Shiloh Bible Camp where I can give of my talents and have a way to share the wonderful grace of his salvation to children. God has led me to Haiti to share my faith in the northern town of Terre Blanche where I was able to share the love that God has enstilled in me to the people there. I was richly blessed by them though they may never know it. Through my struggles and through my victories I have never lost hope that indeed I have a Savior who loves and cares for me. When I am without faith and love, He has always been there to lift me up and show His abounding timelesslove for me in ways so inexplainable that it is hard to understand unless u have had the same experience. Every thing that is physical has an end, but for my soul, this is not the end but just the beginning since I shall live eternally with Christ forever. Christ gave up His life on the cross for me that I might come to know him, not for just my life, but for all of eternity. I pray that my life will so shine as a becon of light that is set upon a hill, or as a mirror that reflects only the One who gave His life for mine. If you are in search of love you will only find a true love in Christ.  A love that you cannot put a period on for it is timelesslove!