Monday, November 28, 2011

Covered by Jesus

You know when you wake up and have to make the run for that late night glass of water, or take that midnight trip to the bathroom. You get up realize its about 20 degrees below freezing. So you bolt up, dash to make your trip and then run back, bolt under the covers head first and hold them as tight as possible hoping that the cold would immediatly flee. You cling to the warm covers and pull them as tight as you can as  if they were your protection from the cold. I feel like this is the way my walk with Christ should be. Although with him I should never leave the covers, I do because I am foolish and follow after the things of this world, aka a glass of water. When we realized that we have left the warmth and fellowship of Christ we should run back to him, dive head first, and cling to him with all the strength that we have and burrough ourselves in  him for our protection and comfort. I wish that I never had to make one of these late night adventures in sub arctic temperatures, and I pray that I can abide within the warm arms of the Savior who can protect me from all of lifes bitter temperatures. Why if he is it that I would rather stand in the cold than come and be warm? Why is it that the covers often are so much more appealing than the love of Christ? I pray that Christ would become my "covers" to whom I always run to and hold fast to in the storms or cold floors of life. Jesus surround me with your protection and warmth, let me rest my weary head upon your shoulders,  and let me lay in safety within your presence. Jesus be my blanket I pray.