Thursday, December 23, 2010

the mighty ripples of a tiny stone

Today I was at Starbucks, it isn't my usual Starbucks, and I don't know why I even went to that particular one. Well so I was there and I started talking to an elderly woman about our favorite drinks. So I ordered, paid, and then started to sit at the table where my buddy was already sitting. The same elderly woman sat down before me and she realzied that the chair she just took was the one that I was sitting at. She got up, but I insisted that she can sit there. My friend got a phone call and had to leave. So this lady and I started talking. She told me of her back pain and how she apprechiated me being so kind. As the converstation progressed she told me about her recently deceased husband and how hard it has been since it is christmas and all. This conversation led me to be able to ask whether she knew God or not. She told me she as a child had been a mormon but had lost her religion as she got older. I using as my phone presented the gospel to her in the form of the Romans Road. She was very interested and she got my number and our church name. She wants to come to our church this upcoming sunday!! We finished our drinks and she told me she would call me sunday morning to solidify the plans.. I was amazed as I drove home at what had just happened. So today I was the small stone that God threw that caused the ripples to effect someone elses life. I am so glad that he used me to tell this lady the gospel. What a GREAT God and a great day!!! I want many more days like this one. see normally I find myself lacking the courage to tell others about christ. today he motivated me :)


  1. Praying for this contact, brother! Thank you for being responsive to the Holy Spirit who called you to this woman. Remember the Lord Jesus in John 4:4, "And he must needs go through Samaria." So, the Lord made Dusty, "must needs go to another Starbucks."

  2. Yeah it's up to Him. I like the verse with my name in it better. I would replace it but I remember the warning in revelation.. :0