Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paddle but don't rock the boat.

There is a fine balance to everything good. Sometimes it seems almost too fine. If there is one ride I hate most in life it has to be the teeter totter.. when is there just enough weight to keep it balanced? A few ounces too much and its topples to one side, not enought weight and it topples to the other. Its like trying to walk the tight roap with a loose roap, you try and try but eventually you will fall. How can you determine the temperature of the water  without even stepping into the water to see if its too cold or too hot. You want forward motion but you seem to want to paddle but not to rock the boat. It is one thing to want motion, but it is an entirely different situation when you want movement but are standing in quick sand. Sometimes we fight and fight, but when is the right time to lay down your sword? Is there ever that time? The only sure and solid foundation I have is Christ. Thats all I know and with him I don't have to worry about rocking the boat because he has his hand on the boat all the time. A fine balance is easier said than done. But when Jesus is in control everything is possible!!!

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