Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I dispise when...

that feeling when you walk away but know you should have stayed,
the feeling when you analyze every move you make to see if it was good enough,
the chance of a lifetime that slips right through your fingers,
that knowing you did wrong, but might not get the chance to make up,
that sinking feeling you get when someone you loves says im done,
when you feel like your just not good enough,
that thought you just can't get out of your head,
the loss of sleep,
the loss of appetite,
the feeling you get when you just said something really dumb,
the feeling of knowing what you want, but its out of reach.
the yes' and no's and maybe, but i don't knows,

What's awesome is no matter what I can't walk away, I am yours, I am here to stay.

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