Monday, January 10, 2011


In the National Gallery of London, there hangs a painting. Depicted in the painting are two men sitting at a small table. On the table is a chess board, and, if one looks closely enough, one can see that the game is nearing its conclusion. On the far side of the table, bigger than life, is an old man, head thrown back in macabre laughter. On the near side of the table is a young man, head held low in defeat. The painting is entitled "Checkmate". While on a school trip to the gallery, a young man sat for almost the entire duration of the field trip in front of this work, staring at it. When his teachers came to collect him at the end, he stood up and shouted, "It's a lie! The king has one move left!" And, if you look at the game, you will see that the young man is correct. It is not checkmate after all. Even though sometimes we can't see the forrest through the trees we need to remember that God is in control. He knows what we deal with. Even though we cannot see the victory, he always has a next move. With God, our backs are never up against the wall nor is our king in checkmate! Though we feel defeated, it is a lie!! God will provide the escape!

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