Sunday, January 23, 2011

Drives me Wild by:Dusty Jones

I can see Fire in your eyes,
I can see Jesus in your smile,
I can feel the Warmth of every look,
Oh how you quote to me from that good book

I see a Scared little girl,
Yet I see a girl who Owns the whole world,
I feel the Love of your heart,
Oh how your Love drives me wild.

Even though we Fuss and fight,
When we spend Hours late at night
All the times I’ve wanted to Laugh and Cry
Still I’ve never Wanted to say goodbye.

You need someone to Take care of,
When you sing, I hear Angles  above,
I know some times I make it rough,
You, me, and Jesus, Baby, that’s enough.

Now your Looking at me with those eyes,
I try to Hide it behind a weak smile,
Take my hand Now and Stay for a while,
In you I see Jesus and that Drives me wild.

1 comment:

  1. my latest song. going on my cd, "where the sunset meets earth". this is my 12th song.